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fun stuff
horror conventions, run for your lives commercial, zombie walks and other shit
Kenny Powers and I ha!
Very first ever Run For Your Lives outside Baltimore with my friends.....clearly I chose the zombie route...
no comment :)
the one and only Tony Todd
Literally bumped into Michael Rooker while having lunch at blood on the beach...HUGE flirt he is
on the way to zombie gras
taking the nephew on first zombie walk
My plates, dedicated to one Mr Englund
yup yup Mr Reedus BEFORE everyone jumped on the bandwagon
Sam from Trueblood
commercial to promote the FIRST run for your lives race that aired during season 2 of the walking dead
Behind the scenes at Markoffs Haunted Forest
dude impersonated the shit out of Ash!
horror con
working at markoffs haunted forest
THE Mr Kane Hodder

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