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Gore22 04-16-2015 10:58 PM

Gore-Filled & Insanely Evil E-Book/Paperback SALE!
I just published my gory, R-rated book. NOT for the faint hearted!! ::EEK!::

Buy the first volume either E-book or Paper-back and get a HUGE discount on the second volume when it comes out.

Also when you buy, you get a chance to be mentioned in the next book!

::danger::For E-Book:


::devil::For Paper-Back


::wink::For My Website:



Age seven:
If I wanted to, I could kill someone. If I wanted to I could kill and get away with it. But I donít want to. All I needed was a push. A slight shove into insanity. A push to kill.

I believe I was born evil. I was born with hate. I was raised with seemingly loving parents, yet I still hate. Lori King, a truly evil child.

Sometimes I feel as if I am not human. I cannot feel. And I become happy when others are in pain. I like to watch them suffer.

I have also noticed that I am far smarter than any other person my age. I know things people my age should not. I sense things.

I pushed Sally Newber from my school. She bled. I loved it. When she went to go tell teacher, I already had an excuse.

She threw rocks at me. I have bloody cuts to prove it. She is two years older. She should know better. I have mastered the art of lying.

I stole the schoolís pet. It was a worthless guinea pig. No one suspected a child from the second grade class took it.

I skipped home. I experimented with it. Opened its little body and examined its beautiful organs. Plucked out its ribs; one by one. Broke its neck and squeezed it. I then had an urge.

I satisfied it. I drank its blood. It was salty; but delicious. I then put it in a bag and threw it in the dumpster behind my house, blood still on my lips. I was so exhilarated. I wanted to do it again. I longed for a larger victim.

I wanted to strangle something. And feel its life slip out of its body. Feel it take its last breath. Be the last thing it sees.

I want a human. But it will be hard. Maybe when I get older. I have a new aspiration! I know what I want to be when I grow up!

Not an idiotic teacher or doctor like most kids. A murderer; a cold blooded killer.

I wonder when I will truly be pushed to snap. Murder. Enjoy life.


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