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Giallogrind 09-23-2020 06:08 PM

Horror and Exploitation watch parties!
Hey guys. I host live stream interactive watch parties of horror, exploitation, and cult classics off my personal website. Each stream is a specific theme. Itís called All We Need Is Sleaze. I have a lot of things planned for all October. Come watch some flicks and chat with other fans from around the world. Follow on Instagram @allweneedissleaze and the website where the streams take place is http://www.celluvoid.net/awnis

Sculpt 09-25-2020 02:50 PM

Looks like it might be fun.

October Hallowsleaze Happenings:
Wed. 30th: Giallo - The Color of Sleaze (2:00 PM)
Thu. 1st: CelluVOIDís Halloween Favorites quad feature (11:00 AM)
Wed. 7th: Servants of Sleaze - Fanís Picks (11:00 AM)
Thu. 8th: Late Nite Psychorama (7:30 PM)
Tue. 13th: Eddie Romeroís Blood Island Trilogy (7:00 PM)
Wed. 14th: Late Nite Psychoramaís All Day Psychothon (TBA)
Wed. 21st: Sleaziest Hits (11:00 AM)
Thu. 22nd: Late Nite Psychorama (7:30 PM)
Wed. 28th: Original Sleazesters - Classic Horror from the Ď30s-í50s (!1:00 AM)

Not sure I can make a morn/afternoon, but maybe an evening.

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