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The Shroud 12-19-2017 06:07 PM

Robo Vampire
Saw this one last night. I couldn't really tell if it was Chinese or American as it looked like it was probably filmed in China, and the Chinese people were speaking Chinese (dubbed in English), but there were also white people speaking English (still dubbed in English).

This one goes under the "so bad it's good" category. Usually if something's really bad it just drives me nuts, but this...for some reason, I get a kick out of.

It's really more of a crime movie, though, but it does have horror elements.

If you're interested in the plot here goes:

There are drug dealers that are having a harder time smuggling their goods. I guess law enforcement in the U.S. had improved. So, one of the drug dealers decided that they would enlist the help of Chinese vampires and a wizard to basically guard the drugs and make sure nobody stopped them. One of the drug enforcement officers gets killed, so this one guy asks permission to turn him into an android. He gets the permission and, since this is 1988, they decided to basically rip-off Robocop. So, this guy is in a costume that is a cross between Robocop and a Chinese warrior. They send him to China where he fights vampires, a ghost and living drug smugglers.

Yes, well, bad dubbing and definitely low budget, but fun to watch nonetheless

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