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stephenc384 11-05-2018 05:12 PM

Zombie Horror
Hey All

Here is chapter 1 to my Zombie Horror called “Fear The OUTBACK”. It is currently on sale for 99p / $1.28. Hope you enjoy. I love Resident Evil. Love the characters, location, plus the music.

Adelaide, Australia

Chelsea Ackerman, 16, perched on the end of her bed looking towards the window. Scared to even stand up, the only thing she had heard for the last forty minutes was gunfire from the city centre in the distance. She had one thing on her mind (well, other than trying to stay alive): her one and only true love. Close to finishing school, Chelsea had put her dream of going to college on hold. She grasped to her mobile phone, her hands shaking with the fear of never seeing Justin again. She felt her palms start to sweat as she watched for her phone’s signal to re-appear. It had been on and off all day since this crisis began. Begging and praying, Justin had left a few texts and phone calls on her voice mail. It was no good; the signal was out. She put the phone down onto the small wooden table next to her, keeping the phone on charge as long as she could. She perched onto the bed placing her head into her hands and feeling the sweat run onto her face. The gunshots could be heard through the window.
She looked over at the piled-up glasses on the window sill. Red lipstick marks were starting to dry on the glass as the scorching heat beamed in through the window. Chelsea looked up at the window, afraid of what she was going to see when she looked out across Adelaide. She strolled up to the window, still looking at the small pile of glasses. The lipstick marks were slowly starting to fade away. She then turned her attention to the backyard. She looked at the cut grass. The patio was very clean, as it had been re-laid recently by her dad.
She felt her neck click and she looked out into the distance. Her eyes were wide with disbelief. There, in front of her, was the city of Adelaide—the city she once called home. The city where she had met Justin. She squinted in the afternoon sunlight as she looked at the line of skyscrapers, which under two miles from her house, along the horizon. Small, white, puffy clouds passed in the blue sky overhead. She listened carefully as the gunshots continued to sound off through the small open window. Though the sound of gunshots was disturbing, the heat forced Chelsea to leave the window open to keep her room somewhat cool. Her eyes opened wider as she saw a huge puff of grey smoke blast up from the ground. It shielded the city skyline from her view for a second. Chelsea’s friends from school were right in front of her.
“Chelsea!” she heard a voice yell, though it sounded like it was coming from inside.
Chelsea turned away from the city skyline, quickly looking at her phone to make sure the charger was still firmly in the phone’s socket. She wanted to be sure that it would be fully charged once the power stations gave way. If her phone’s battery were to die, any chance of contacting Justin would be lost.
“Chelsea!” the voice screamed. It was Chelsea’s mum, Olivia.
Chelsea left her room and looked down the wooden stairs. Her mum was holding onto the end of the bannister, looking up at Chelsea from below.
Chelsea hadn’t even made it to the top of the stairs when her mum asked, “Are you ready?”
Chelsea looked down at her mum for a second before saying, “Just about.”
“Well, come on,” Olivia demanded. “Your dad is going to be here any minute.”
Chelsea turned around and stormed back into her bedroom. She looked at her small cabin bag. It still had the yellow tag around it from when it was given to her at the airport. The happy memories of last week’s family trip to the Gold Coast had been blacked out by the fear of death. Chelsea took one last look out of her bedroom window. She grabbed her bag, reluctantly ripping the phone from its charger. Chelsea looked at Jett, her brother who was older than her by one year, sitting on the settee. Chelsea’s three-year-old brother, Ethan, was next to Jett with a small baby bag next to him.
Jett looked at their mum as she stood by the window peering across at the houses on the other side of the street. No cars had sped past in the last couple of minutes. The neighbours’ doors were wide open, as people were looting from the abandoned homes.
Olivia looked to the right and caught something out the corner of her eye. She saw a female figure running in the middle of the road—a lady, aged around fifty. Olivia locked her eyes onto the woman whose grey blouse was bloodstained and who had a bite mark on her left leg with dried blood around the wound.
Chelsea slowly walked down the wooden stairs, holding to the cabin bag as Jett slowly walked over to the window that their mum was still staring out of.
“What is it?” Chelsea asked them.
“Shhh,” Her mum snapped before Chelsea had finished speaking.
Chelsea frowned as Jett continued holding onto his phone. Similar to Chelsea, Jett was eager to hear from his own first love, Laura. Laura was a music student with a great interest in rock and roll, just like Jett. Jett had his own electronic guitar in his bedroom.
Jett and Olivia peered through the window nets trying not to shuffle them or to make any sudden movements. Chelsea set her bag down on the wooden floor. It made a slight thud.
“Shhh!” Her mum snapped again.
Chelsea was too scared to say anything back. She looked at her mum and brother as they continued to look out the window.
“What is it?” She asked again. She walked up behind her mum and looked through the netted curtains. She could see into the middle of the street. The front door to the other houses had been left open as people had run away in fear. Chelsea looked at the female figure, which was now just standing there in the middle of the street, snarling, at nothing. She was dazed while she looked around.
“Isn’t that Mrs Thomas?” Chelsea asked.
Olivia flinched, as she had indeed recognised the figure as their neighbour from only three houses up the street. Chelsea looked at Mrs Thomas, who was still just looking around the street.
Jett squinted his eyes. He recognised her, too. Jett slowly walked towards the window. He edged forward, accidentally knocking a red vase off the window sill. He tried to catch it, but it was too late. Chelsea and Olivia watched in horror as the red vase tumbled towards the ground. Chelsea didn’t even have time to close her eyes to the crash that was about to shatter the silence in the house. The vase shattered against the wooden flooring. Old water from the pot flew into the air as tiny bits of china blasted across the floor.
Jett looked at Chelsea in fear, and then they both looked out the window into the middle of the street. Mrs Thomas swung her head in their direction. Jett and Chelsea looked at her gleaming yellow eyes and at the blood dotted about her face. Her teeth, which used to be gleaming and white were now stained with blood and had bits of skin dangling from them. Mrs Thomas looked at their house. Chelsea didn’t say a word. She couldn’t breathe for a couple of seconds. She knew that Mrs Thomas had heard the vase drop. She snarled and sprinted towards the house. Chelsea’s and Olivia’s screaming only made the situation worse.
Mrs Thomas approached the house and slammed her body into the window. Chelsea screamed in fear as Mrs. Thomas’s bloody handprints stained the window. Mrs Thomas continued slamming into the window with pure and utter rage. The window started to crack. Jett watched the crack lines slowly travel across the window.
Chelsea looked back towards the backyard of the house. If they tried to leave through the back gate, they would be cornered. There was nowhere to run. The cracks in the window started to intensify. Mrs Thomas’s once gentle personality was now gone, hidden behind the monster in front of them. The glass window started to give way. Chelsea could only step back and scream. Jett stepped back as well. He looked into the dining room and his eyes met one of the wooden chairs. He turned around ran into the dining room and retrieved it, returning to the front room.
“Get back!” he ordered
Chelsea and her mum stepped back behind him. Ethan was crying in his mum’s arms. The whole family looked at Mrs Thomas as she continued to hurl her body into the window. She was almost in the house now.
Chelsea’s attention was suddenly pulled away from the window. A car had crashed into the side of the house. Chelsea and her mum frowned as they heard a door shut with a thud. They looked to see Greg, the father and husband of the family. He looked through the broken window. The top button of his shirt was undone; he had no tie, no briefcase, nothing.
“Well,” he yelled “Come on. We need to get out of here!”


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