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Morningriser 04-06-2019 08:42 AM

Remake It Right
Let's say you had all the power in Hollywood to make any movie you wanted. You are given the choice to pick a movie that you would like to be remade and can choose the cast, director and even the writers if you choose.

It could be a movie that you didn't think was made correctly the first time and deserves a second chance, a movie that you personally would like to see remade, or just another Hollywood Cash Cow. The choice is yours!

The Shroud 09-13-2020 10:02 PM

A Goulies remake starring......the Muppets!

Human cast: I can't remember the names, sorry

Inheriting Wizard -

Father Wizard - Gary Oldman

Horrible Girlfriend -

Sunglasses Guy -

Future SVU Chick -

Other Friends -

Greedygut -

Greedygut's partner -

Muppet Cast:

Goulie Clown - Fozzy

Green Goulie - Kermit

Fuzzy Snout Goulie - Fozzy or Rolf

Goulie - Animal

Not sure what else, right now.

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