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Abishai100 11-02-2020 05:07 PM

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Here's a fun fanzine-oriented horror-vigilantism comic about a hypothetical costumed American vigilante tracking the iconic dystopian masked maniac, the chainsaw-psycho Leatherface! Thanks for reading (Happy Holidays),


An American vigilante known as Shadow as dressed as a white ninja and stalking a masked maniac called Leatherface. This maniac wielded a chainsaw and most thought he was some kind of cannibal from Texas. Shadow studied at the Ivy League and was excellent at soccer. He decided to then hone his archery skills and was ideal for stalking and killing Leatherface, a maniac who'd already killed 20 cops over 3 US states including Texas and Michigan. Shadow promised the FBI, "I'll catch his blood-sport."

LEATHERFACE: You don't know me.
SHADOW: I know enough.
LEATHERFACE: I'm a shadow, like you!
SHADOW: You're my shadow.
SHADOW: I'll catch you.
LEATHERFACE: Thanks for this phone-ring.
SHADOW: I needed to signal you somehow.

Leatherface was the ultimate adversary for the valiant vigilante known as Shadow. The FBI told the press that Shadow was certainly eccentric but seemed to possess the necessary self-awareness to be considered a neutral presence and non-threat during the national manhunt for this chainsaw-wielding maniac and potential cannibal. Shadow didn't want to be considered any kind of 'ivy distraction' in this search for a psychotic madman. He simply wanted to use his acumen and archery skills to corner Leatherface in a forest somewhere and just shoot him with enough arrows in the arms to cause him to drop his own chainsaw, perhaps causing it to gash his own leg and debilitate him forever!

FBI: "If this strange vigilante-character Shadow really believes he has what it takes to pursue and corner and frustrate and even incapacitate or debilitate this modern maniac known as Leatherface, we'll be relieved honestly, since this chainsaw-psycho's already decapitated more than 30 policemen, leaving a blood-drenched trail of anti-social terrorism we've not seen since the days of Charlie Manson; therefore, we earnestly think Shadow may be the right 'dopamine' for our current national Leatherface dilemma."


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

TaeKwonZombie 11-10-2020 05:42 AM

didn't know Leatherface could speak words other than "uuhuuhuuuhuuhooohaaah! ohh! aah! uhh uhh uhh..." Lol

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