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The Predator -

I've read more stories on this movie about potential cameos and cut scenes than positive reviews. Dutch was supposed to be in it at one point. I'm glad Arnold passed on that one. Now the next one is that Ripley or Newt were going to be in it.

I finally decided to find it and see the level of this movie. It is a movie that if I watched it in theaters I would have wanted to walk out numerous times. It feels like a Syfy knock off type movie at many moments. Actually worse than those knock off movies. I just don't see how a movie like this could get past whatever approval process they have in place. Or how if the actors really like Predator movies, especially the first two, thought that this is a movie worthy of their time. Other than to pick up a check. None of them make it out of this movie on a positive note.

The people involved in production had to be a bunch of yes men for the director and executives. I remember a story or article about an executive on Alien 3 supposedly saying that the director could film him pissing on a wall and it would still be called Alien 3. That's what this movie is. It's garbage. The movie if you want to call it that, uses classic Predator music to get that nostalgia but it's misplaced and only makes you want to watch Predator 1 or 2. It's like some bad fan film with the music edited in just to be there. Characters have lines and twists on lines from those first two movies and the writers think they are being clever but they are only showing that they are talentless hacks. It's just a sloppy mess, not entertaining, and not worth the time.

Lazarus Effect -

I thought this would be somewhat good from the cast. But it isn't. It's a pointless for profit movie. And it did make a good profit. One of those Blumhouse low budget horror movies that because of marketing somehow always manage to be very profitable. It's on demand but don't waste your time. It's like a lot of the bad return to life horror films similar to that Flatliners remake. Except this has an even worse twist.
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