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Changes in the Horror Dot Com forums

1) The 10-character rule per post has been disabled. Feel free to reply just "Hello" to any new member's introductory thread.

2) The "Quick" reply has been replaced with a "Multi" quoting/reply feature. You can click on "Multi" for more than one post in a thread, and can reply to them all individually in one post. Maximum limit for Multi Quoting = 10 posts.

3) The maximum images which can be inserted in one individual post has been bumped to 10, instead of 5.

4) Editing your original post now has a 30-minute limit, instead of the previous infinite-limit. This will prevent drastic changing of original posts which make subsequent posters look silly in their replies to that post.

5) Display of "Last Edited by..." now has a 1-minute limit, instead of the previous 2-minute limit, for more transparency.

6) New users will have these as default in their User CP Settings - Send Notification Email When a Private Message is Received, Pop up a Notification Box When a Private Message is Received, Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default.

7) Images can now be uploaded/hotlinked as show up as thumbnails. Maximum width & height for thumbnails is 500 pixels. Thumbnails can be clicked upon, to open in a separate window and show the original image. This will help prevent the display of unnecessary huge pictures in thread pages.

8) Search results number has been bumped to 1000, instead of the original 500-thread cut off.

9) The Japanese Horror section has been renamed to Asian Horror, and IMG codes for it has been enabled. It has also been moved up the Movie Discussion scale, and sits below the Classic Horror section now.

10) Zwoti can set himself to "Invisible" again. Also reinstated his previous avatar.

11) A new sub-forum, Compilations and Pastimes, has been added below Site Suggestions/Questions. All top 100 compilations & game threads from the entire forum has been moved to this new sub-forum.

12) Signature Image height and width has been increased to 500 x 500 pixels.

13) Moderators are now allowed a maximum of 150 private messages.

14) User ranks are now added to members.
(50 posts = HDCian, 1000 posts = Senior HDCian, 10,000 posts = Distinguished HDCian)

15) Always wanted to give a 5-star rating to your favorite compilation? How about rating the "Art of TypH"'s thread in the Art section? Ratings are now enabled for all threads across all sub-forums and sections. So go ahead, rate the threads according to how good they are in your view.

16) The default view of number of threads in all sections was limited to "for the past one month" only. That has now been changed to "all threads" which means everyone is able to access all threads made from the beginning of the forums in each section of HDC.

17) A new sub-forum, Latest Horror Movies, is added to the Horror Movie Discussion section. That section is to discuss horror films from the 1990s onwards.
The Modern Horror Movie section will deal with films released between 1970 and 1989, since many new members/horror fans regard that time-period as a period of classic horror for them.

18) We now have THREE new Contributors as well - The Villain, Giganticface and Ferretchucker. Congratulations! Hopefully all 3 of you will contribute plenty of articles, reviews and other stuff to the Horror dot com databases.

Originally Posted by sfear View Post
I tend to type the titles of books, movies, etc. using all upper case letters as taught in a college writing class. When I pressed the Caps Lock key on my keyboard to type in the titles of a couple of movies in another thread only the first letter was capitalized and the rest appeared lowercase. I don't recall having this problem before at HDC. Just wondering if there might be a reason for this other than my keyboard going bonkers.
19) Above limiter has been disabled. Thread titles/posts can now have all Uppercase letters. Shouldn't be a problem from now on. Just remember not to shout at others, folks.

Thanks to Sibwaypro for providing me with admin privileges, so that I could correct and rectify a lot of problems of our HDC forums.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

Any other feature(s) you have noticed as broken? Post it in here and I will rectify it.
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