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This second chapter finds the spirituality-curious protagonist concluding inquisitive Ouija-play with an enlightening encounter with a terror-teacher in the forest named Wolfsbane(!), an allusion to a Marvel Comics character. This final addition to this heavy thread is meant to encourage general enigma-curiousness among horror and mystery and supernatural storytelling fans who're interested in the 'philosophical impact' of the Occult.

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Alas used another form of darkside incantation but this time it wasn't with a Ouija-board but with a Native-American incantation ritual in the forests of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey (USA)! Alas used a mantra to awaken an ancient werewolf spirit known as Wolfsbane so he could ask it about the nature of bloodlust and vice. Alas effectively accomplishing the invocation of Wolfsbane using the Native-American incantation mantra in the forest!

ALAS: I command you Wolfsbane to arise from the mist of the abyss to enlighten this human being about the odd and enigmatic qualities of bloodlust and vice, for I seek only and desperately to be your 'humbled pupil.'

The spirit of the formidable werewolf known as Wolfsbane did indeed arise from the fog of the abyss to make 'itself' known to Alas and began educating him on the strange 'features' of bloodlust and vice. Wolfsbane was reddish in color and seemed androgynous in gender but was certainly an other-worldly werewolf. Alas was both humbled and entranced and needed to learn about bloodlust and vice from this ancient but youthful 'demi-god of darkness.'

What made Wolfsbane such a 'sage' of darkness was 'its' insight into the gruesome nature of violence and savagery and 'its' premonition about the metaphysical consequences of loss of beauty. Wolfsbane explained to the boldly curious Alas that if Hell (the Inferno!) was a place/region of utter vertigo, then that 'realm' of darkness on Earth where bloodlust and vice could be 'felt' was a place of 'great slander.' Alas felt intrigued (as if he was a school-student!).

Now, Alas didn't want to use his Ouija-board again to intimate the contours of Hell and have to deal with that unsightly skeleton-man 'underworld escort.' However, Alas remained curious about how darkness/evil crept out of Hell (the Inferno!) to spread bloodlust/vice like a fog on Earth! Alas was now fascinated by Wolfsbane's linking of savage Earthly criminality and lust to the generic concept of 'slander.'

ALAS: If Hell (the Inferno!) is a realm of blasphemy, I can see Wolfsbane's indication of Earthly bloodlust/vice as a realm of 'slander' since claiming that there's a presence of life-corruption on this lush and rich Earth is a form of 'presentation lie' of 'material deception.'

Wolfsbane helped Alas see that bloodlust/vice on Earth was 'materialized' by the deceptive mind and through general vitality-slander! Wolfsbane then revealed to the spiritually-curious Alas that just like the skeleton-man underworld guide Alas met through Ouija-play, Wolfsbane was the 'Earthly' guide to 'mortal thoughts.' Alas realized this education with Wolfsbane about the concept-nature of 'slander' was really the second part of his illuminations about evil/darkness that began with Alas's precocious Ouija-play.

ALAS: I've discovered through my contact with the complex Wolfsbane that slander on Earth is the precursor to great troubles (e.g., terrorism, rape, theft, extortion) and that I need not use Ouija or other incantation 'games' to learn more and more about the depth of darkness. No, all I really need is a good appreciation of the enlightening presence of general optimism.



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