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100 Years of Vincent Price

Tomorrow (day after tomorrow for those living in the US/Canada), will be the 100th birthday of the most beloved horror icon of them all - Vincent Price.

He was born on May 27th, 1911.

DreadCentral has a couple of articles dedicated to the icon -

A video remembering him -

Roger Corman reminiscing him -

His daughter Victoria Price talks -

The Vincentennial Celebration currently underway in St. Louis -

Official link -

And those of you living in the Los Angeles area can attend a special screening of his 1953 classic House of Wax, which is a fundraising event. Proceeds will be donated to the Vincent Price Art Museum. You can check the details of this event in the Victoria Price link.

I need not elaborate on the great man's contribution to our genre. All I can say is, he might have gone 18 years ago, but he still lives within each and every horror fan's heart.

Long live Vincent Price!
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