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This story is hilarious to hear in person but - here goes:

Right after this album came out (October '96), the boss's son with 3 or 4 of his friends brought me this track. (They were all either in 8th grade or freshmen.)

They were super-excited cause they knew I knew some German and they were convinced this track was either a satanic ritual or a quote from Hitler or at least a spell if not something occultic. And Halloween was right around the corner blah blah blah...

It was ten minutes of the "who farted" expression when I told them it was a cookie recipe. I started laughing at their reaction so they thought I was lying. (I mean, it really is a creepy-ish track.)

The more I translated, the more angered they became, the more I laughed. I told them a line from Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves had to be recited before baking and they lost it.

They sincerely thought I was hiding something sinister & I couldn't stop laughing at them which only made things worse. You had to see the incredulity on their faces, it was hysterical.
Everything single thing I said at that encounter made those guys hate me.

I've never been 100% on the Ali Baba reference. I told them as much but it was too late. Man that was a great morning - thanks for the reminder!

On a side note; this is how I discovered - and fell in love with - Tool.

(P.S. They did eventually find out I was not lying to them.)

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