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What the shit?!?

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Does anyone remember...

I'm wondering if people remember this project that was being talked about for quite a while...but has long stopped being mentioned...

Back in the day, when Buffy/Angel were at the height of their popularity the idea for a spin-off was announced.

This show would focus on a younger Giles when he wore the name "Ripper" as referenced a few times in Buffy, and that was one of the names being thrown around for the show too.

It would take place at various times in Giles' history, from his recruitment into the Watchers organisation and beyond - and would have a lot of shady characters both inside and outside of the organisation.

They talked about it a fair few times, and it still came up some 3-4 years after Angel had it's last episode - though I'm pretty sure it's completely abandoned now...who knows...there's always netflix for stuff like this.

It's too bad...I figured it would have been a good way to expand on the universe and give some different perspective on some of the other side characters and villains.
...pretty unlikely though...I mean Whedon won't even let people that WANT to make Firefly again pay to take it off his hands, so I have almost zero hope of this happening.

It's too bad, because it's genuinely something I wouldn't mind seeing.

Anyone else remember this?
Anyone know what actually happened to it?
The door got in..:rolleyes:
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