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Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
These guys aren't celebrities...but they're heroes.

3 firefighters from the US that were over here in Australia to help with the fire crisis went down as their C-130 Hercules tanker (fire retardant distribution) crashed in northern NSW earlier today.
They have been confirmed to have died on site.

We have had, really, an incredibly shitty month or so with these's really, at times been like some post apocalyptic shit going on...even New Zealand could smell and see the smoke at one point.
So many people have lost their homes, animals have died in catastrophic numbers, some residents have lost their lives, as well as some of our own firefighting crew and those from abroad who have volunteered their time and safety for us.

Just when it was thought to have eased off a bit...we have smoke back...

I am sorry that this has happened for you folks in the States.
Know that your countrymen the thanks of my family...I honour these people as part of our own.
I heard that on the news here this morning. Very sad for their families and friends. You're right, they ARE heroes!

I'm sorry that Australia is still dealing with the fires. Praying that they're put out very, very soon.
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