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Originally Posted by neverending View Post
I'm in the minority of horror fans that doesn't lionize John Carpenter. I think he made one really great film, several nearly great films, and a bunch of really cheesy shlock.

Halloween is his best, for me. I like The Fog despite the fact it falls apart in the last reel, like They Live despite its cheese, like Prince of Darkness for its sheer outrageousness, and Dark Star is fun.

Most of the rest I just think are sloppy, cheesy and cliche. Vampires is one of the worst vampires movies ever made, IMO.
What did you think The Thing 82?

As a writer, I assume you've read the SFWA awarded sci-fi novella by John W. Campbell Jr, Who Goes There? I think Carpenter captures the essence well, the plot, implications & paranoia. Carp & Co creates a very effective setting and mood: the cruel cold environment and grave isolation -- thus creating the stark conflict between the essential need to trust and rely on your fellow comrades, and the deadly peril this trust and reliance puts you in when it's the 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. This is further amped with Carp's shocking special effects that simultaneously stun and wake you, being both surreal and yet having ultra realism.

The film doesn't stray from the rich ground of the premise, and effectively stays on track. As a balanced sci-fi film, it shows you, along with tells you.

Most of the characters are surprisingly strong from the beginning (kudos to the actors and script). I neither felt deprived of character development, nor bored or distracted by stilted character construction.

Did any of the characters change? Not overtly or with certainty. Although, I felt like the circumstances slapped all the characters in the face, and brought out the various sides of stress, fear & vulnerabilities, causing new acts implied as expressions of one's inner character.

Originally Posted by metternich1815 View Post
I have not seen all of Dark Star. I will add a note that I have not seen Assault on Precinct 13 or Big Trouble in Little China
Mett, save you time and money and skip Dark Star. Knowing your taste, you'll likely feel ripped off. After seeing the film with a pal, he said he was certain the budget went up the filmmakers' noses. It's a film practice. Glad Carp made good use of the practice, but I didn't need to see it. It is one of the worst films I've ever seen. It's MST2K cannon fodder.

Also, based on your tastes, Assault on Precinct 13 & Big Trouble in Little China are probably essential viewing. Assault isn't about anything, but it's well crafted action, & the actors were just good. Big Trouble is creative 80's fare. It was entertaining (& know some who loved it) but I'm not a huge fan. It lacked meaning to me.

I saw Prince of Darkness in the theatre. It had some eerie visuals. Struck me as more of a surreal Lucio Fulci film. Whereas I love the purposeful surrealism of Gilliam's "Brazil", I tend to dislike a seemingly aimless nightmare without cogence & purpose.

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