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Part 23

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the theater. Fade into The Return's small room, the door is locked. He is pacing the room, holding a plastic cup of water. One of the walls is now covered with planks of wood, and tied tightly to the wood is Dante's Inferno, in a five pointed star shape. He has a large circle drawn around him. The Return stands in front of Dante, who is unconscious for a moment.

The Return: Ah, fuck it!

He throws the cup of water at Dante, who still doesn't move.

The Return: Come on...wake up!

Dante still does not move. He breathes softly, but his eyes remain closed.

The Return: What's wrong with you?! Wake up!

He slaps Dante's face a few times. Dante's eyes suddenly open, and he looks around taking in his surroundings. When he sees his arms his face contorts with rage and he struggles against the restraints holding him in place.

The Return: Glad you could join us.

Dante shouts out, although no distinguishable words can be heard. It is more of a roar.

The Return: Shut up!

Dante stops shouting, and looks at The Return. He softens his expression slightly.

The Return: Thankyou...

He paces for a few seconds, then stops.

The Return: Why did you do it?

Dante: What?

The Return: Betray me...we had an agreement.

Dante: Did we? I never agreed to anything, that was the others. Therefore I was never on your side and did not betray you.

The Return: I just...I don't understand. The plan was guys put on a great show, I mean...what's more convincing than a real death...then after the audience leave the whole place burns down. I'm the sole survivor and with the great reviews and tragic story of a fire I'd make my way to the top and-

Dante: You do realize that was a worse monologue than a Bond villain. I knew the went over it a hundred times.

The Return: Oh shut up!

He punches Dante in the chest. Whilst it was a hard punch, Dante doesn't react. Cut to Scouse Mac, Mona Lisa, Massacre Man and Chronogrl looking around the main hall of the theater, looking at all of the blood. Scouse Mac inspects one of the bodies.

Scouse Mac: Still warm...I reckon they're still here.

He stands up and turns to the others.

Scouse Mac: Stay close. Take something from the bag.

Mona Lisa opens the large bag of weapons. Massacre Man reaches in and pulls out a long sword.

Massacre Man: This should do nicely.

Mona Lisa smiles at him, the first smile he has seen from her.

Mona Lisa: Belonged to an old friend of ours...his name was Persuasian. Has a thing about David Hasselhoff.

Chronogrl doesn't reach into the bag.

Chronogrl: Mr. Mac-

Scouse Mac: Scouse Mac. I'm not your teacher any more.

Chronogrl: Right...sorry, Scouse Mac. I...I don't think I can kill.

Scouse Mac: My girl, you wouldn't be killing them; they were killed long ago. You're just sending them back to where they belong.

She nods slightly, takes a deep breath in then pulls out a small pistol. Massacre Man leans over to her.

Massacre Man: Remember to squeeze...don't pull-

Chronogrl: I know what to do! I went to army cadets as well!

Massacre Man nods in apology, and backs off. She sighs and hugs him tightly.

Chronogrl: How did we get ourselves into this?

Massacre Man: I destroyed Dad's overalls...

She laughs slightly as a small tear trickles down her face.

Mona Lisa: There'll be plenty of time for that afterwards. Come on...

They open the large door to the main room and all stand there, petrified by the sight in front of them. Having eaten all of the people in the room, the zombies are all standing still, not doing anything. But now they're all staring directly at the four people standing in the doorway.

Massacre Man: Whoa.

The zombies start to hobble towards them en masse. While Chronogrl and Massacre Man are still standing where they are, Scouse Mac shoots a bolt into the crowd of zombies with a crossbow. It shoots through three of them, knocking them down. Mona Lisa on the other hand has run at them with a large axe and is hacking away with ease.

Scouse Mac: You gonna fight?

Massacre Man: What the fuck, eh?

He runs into the crowd of zombies and begins slicing, clearing the crowd with ease.

Chronogrl: I...I don't know if I should, with the baby and all...

Scouse Mac's eyes widen and he takes a step closer to her.

Scouse Mac: You're pregnant?! Shit...this isn't good.

Chronogrl: What? Why? What's wrong?!

Scouse Mac: We have to-

He is interrupted when Roshiq flies through the open doorway behind them, knocking him and Chronogrl down. Roshiq rolls down the floor towards the zombies then regains himself. Before Chronogrl and Scouse Mac can stand up, Hammerfan bounds into the room after Roshiq. Massacre Man and Mona Lisa have run into the rows to avoid the collosal fight between the werewolf and vampire. Cut back to The Return's room. They hear a crash in the distance but ignore it.

The Return: I still don't understand how...the spell was meant to keep you firmly under my control!

Dante: The spell? That spell? That was barely a charm. You may dabble in the arts but you're no match for me. I didn't even have to try!

The Return: You bastard...

Dante: Maybe if you were intuitive you would have thought of that earlier. But clearly you're not, after all, while you were busy throwing water on me, I, was doing, this.

The ropes around his arms legs and throat quickly come undone and he drops to his feet. The ropes shoot at The Return, getting him by the neck and lifting him up into the air as well as tying his arms behind his back.

Dante: Now we can talk...

Closing credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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