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Cut to The Return's room, where he is being strangled by the floating rope around his neck. Barking can be heard getting closer.

Dante's Inferno: Look at're pathetic!

The door to the room swings open as Miss Macabre runs in. She closes the door behind her and runs behind Dante.

Dante's Inferno: What are you doing?

The door breaks open and Hammerfan dives through, arms outstretched. She takes out Dante and Miss Macabre, breaking down the wall opposite and taking them through is. The ropes around The Return fall limp, and he falls to the floor. Hammerfan, Dante and Miss Macabre are now in the space behind the back curtain. Hammerfan flicks her huge hand, knocking Dante aside who falls through the curtain onto the main stage. Miss Macabre screams as Hammerfan begins biting her face off. Roshiq, who was just about to go through the door she has disappeared through hears the screams and the roars and runs onto the stage to behind the curtain. Scouse Mac looks to the stage and freezes in fear at the sight of Dante's Inferno.

Scouse Mac:, it's impossible...

Massacre Man: Shit that who I think it is.

Mona Lisa: Keep fighting!

Mona Lisa and Massacre Man carry on hacking at the zombies. Scouse Mac's eyes are wide. Images of him as a young boy flash onto the screen. He's in the car next to his dad.

Scouse Mac: Dad, do I have to-

Man: I told you, don't call me that. I don't want it to seem like I'm replacing your dad. I promised him that when I married your mother.

Scouse Mac: But I don't like him. He scares me.

Man: Well we're gonna see him in Church today, and I want you to say hello.

Cut back to Scouse Mac in the present day, a slight tear welling up in his eye. Cut back to him in the church as Dante walks past him to get to his seat. Dante speaks.

Dante: Hello son.

Scouse Mac doesn't say a word, he just looks at Dante with wide eyes. Cut to Scouse Mac still as a child listening through a wooden door to his stepfather and mother arguing.

Stepfather: I tried to force the boy on him! Look what nearly happened!

Mother: Calm down. I didn't happen. You were both okay.

Stepfather: Think what that must have been like for the boy! Seeing his father do that!

Mother: No. You're his father.

Stepfather: What kind of father am I? I nearly got him killed! He's better off without me! You both are!

A door slams. Cut back to present day Scouse Mac, who lifts up his crossbow to aim at Dante, who is speaking quickly and making the injuries he just sustained disappear. Cut to The Return who has stepped out into the area behind the large curtain. Miss Macabre's mutilated body is still there but Hammerfan has gone. The Return is holding a large book.

The Return: Cutforay, malurte, vinmaya! I call upon the great slayer demon, he who delights in blood! Come to my aid! Come, oh might V!

Cut to the woods. The scene where Novakru looks up to see V replays. He lifts up his sword, then brings it down hard. Just before the blade makes contact, V disappears in a flash of bright light. From the distance, EyesOfDarkness runs towards her.

EyesOfDarkness: Hey! Hey, are you alright?

Novakru looks around, seeing V nowhere. She laughs to herself, more and more. EyesOfDarkness crouches down next to her. She looks at him and smiles.

Novakru: Thankyou! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

He picks her up and starts carrying her away. Cut to the middle of the theater. A bright light flashes, then a shadow appears up by the ceiling in the center of the room. Another flash, then V appears and drops to the ground, landing on his feet. Mona Lisa, Chronogrl, Massacre Man and Dante's Inferno all look at him. The Return walks out from behind the curtain and smiles. V takes in his surroundings, then shakes his head.

V: No...NO! You fool! NO!

He turns and runs towards The Return. Scouse Mac, who had barely noticed V, lets the crossbow fire. It skims millimeters in front of V's head, who keeps running towards The Return. The Return's face is filled with terror. Blood sprays onto the side of his face from Dante's Inferno. The bolt has landed directly in his heart. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...

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