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I see what you mean, but wouldn't the fact that Jon Snow is a man, sexist I know, outweigh the fact that Daenerys is his Elder in the family? I'm not sure how that works, especially since he isn't a bastard like we were led to believe, but on the other hand Gendry is a bastard, and despite the targaryens holding the throne since the beginning of kings and queens, Robert Baratheon took the throne after Jaime killed the Mad King, so technically the Iron Throne belongs to the baratheons, but that shouldn't suggest it can be taken by force once again.. It's kind of like they all have almost as equal amount of right I suppose, but I can't help but feel that Daenerys is in this for the wrong reasons. She has done so much, it's true, but she makes bad and hasty decisions, Tyrion has told her this many times and I hope I am wrong about this, but after the conversation Tyrion had with his sister, I'm worried he's going to turn against Daenerys, especially if he thinks she is a lost cause. All I know is if Arya dies I riot! She is easily my favorite character and even from season one I could see that she was going to play a big role in this. Look at her teachers. She first had her father, then Syrio Pharrell a k a the first sword of Braavos, who set her on her path to become the deadliest woman in Westeros. Then she learned from the greatest War strategist in hundreds of years with Tywin Lannister. And then of course, my favorite, Jaqen Ha-ghar taught her how to assassinate by using Magic. And not to mention I have a huge ass crush on Maisie Williams. I think I'm going to wait until the season is over though and get the DVD so I can binge watch it all at once.
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