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Originally Posted by hammerfan View Post
Re-watched season 7 yesterday. Boy, am I glad I did. There was a lot that I forgot about! OK, bring on season 8!
I did too. I forgot a lot as well.

Sounds crazy, but last time, I'm not sure I got when Cersei told her brother Jamie that the Sea King (whatever his name is) left to gather his ships and an army to bring back. I understand the Bank is going to fund it, but I'm not sure where Cersei is hiring the soldiers, or when/where they'll attack.

Cersei's plan is to let the Dead and Khaleesi army kill each other off, and then attack who's ever left. But I wonder if that would require her to send part of her army, for looks at least, to go fight the Dead? but she didn't mention that when she talked to Jamie.

I also didn't remember this... Do you know, where did Jamie go? Looks like he's traveling... is going to tell Khaleesi about Cersei's deception?

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