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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
AIRPORT 1975 (1974). Loved this when I was 13, but time has really not been kind to it. Reasonably decent plot dragged out with irritating characters and quite sexist behavior by many of the male players, particularly Charlton Heston's endless and condescending use of "Honey" to Karen Black.
The good points...the Mountain scenery is stunning and as per the course for these kind of films, a LOT of actors I like including Norman Fell (THREE'S COMPANY, BULLIT, THE KILLERS), Linda Harrison (PLANET OF THE APES< BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES, COCOON) as Gloria Swanson's asst, Beverly Garland (IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, PRETTY POISON, THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE, MY THREE SONS), Dana Andrews (NIGHT OF THE DEMON, LAURA, CRACK IN THE WORLD, THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES), Austin Stocker (BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE TWISTED BRAIN, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13), Myrna Loy (THE MASK OF FU MANCHU, THE THIN MAN0 and of course, Karen Black (TRILOGY OF TERROR, FIVE EASY PIECES) who steals the film with her hysteria...also love how she sticks out her tongue while trying to pull the first rescuer into the plane.
A big selling point for this was Linda Blair, right after THE EXORCIST..cute as can be, but truly the most overly cheerful Kidney transplant patient ever. And You'll be slack jawed with Helen Reddy's turn as a Singing Nun.
So really not a good film at all...truly a low point for many of the actors here, but so campy that it's least one look, for all the names, at least. **
Generally speaking, no films are meant to be seen twice. Comedies have a hard time the second time around, especially if they're primarily geared to the present (1974). I enjoyed it. Not sure the comedy team that put this together, but this brand of humor was always hit-&-miss with me, but this had some good bits.

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