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STRIPES (1981). Two down and out schlubs join the Army to improve their circumstances in this comedy that has some wildly funny moments, although most of the scenes with Bill Murray fall flat. His character is truly irritating and impedes the film's progress. More laughs from John Candy ("A Lean mean fighting Machine!"), Harold Ramis, John Larroquette ("I wish I was a Loofah!"), a young Judge Reinhold and Conrad Dunn in his debut as a paranoid potentially violent recruit ("Psycho").
Good support from lovely Sean Young, adorable PJ Soles (very nice when we met her at HORRORFIND; she mentioned that Murray was very moody) and especially Warren Oates as the Drill Sergeant. For me, he's the best part of the film, although he bears an astounding similarity to my Step Father. The glare he gives Murray after the latter apologizes for previously disrupting introductions was pure "Old Don"!! ***1/2
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