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Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
I liked the Collector as well.
Are you aware there's a sequel with the same antagonist & protagonist?
It's called "The Collection".
It was slightly different in tone, and in my mind not quite as good as the first one, but to be honest it was a pretty worthy sequel - leagues ahead of some.

I understand a 3rd one is about to drop sometime this year, currently being referred to as "The Coll3ctor".
I think if they resolved things and kind of left it there, that's a decent stopping point, the series is still fairly fresh at this stage and realistically I don't think we'd want another Saw situation happening.
(though still wish they'd continued from that Goddamn Gordon as Jigsaw storyline)

Here's something you may not know about the collector.
It wasn't the first one.
There is a 1965 film of the same name...and while it's quite different, it actually shares a few elements...maybe not enough to say that the first "new" one was a remake, or even re-imagining (a bit I guess), but definitely some kind of inspiration was taken from this into the new ones.
Different characters and motivations to be sure.
Though a "collector" is still there, and it is about being kept captive in an enclosed environment I suppose.
Of course there was different sensibility in films of the 60's, so the new ones will have obviously radically departed in style and content.

I mean one could theorise that this film *did* inspire the new one/s, as there are a few common elements...just not sure (haven't seen it in a while) how much of a stretch such a theory would be.
I've found no such information to confirm it was even acknowledged by the makers of the newer ones.

As a standalone movie, the 1965 version is actually really worth watching.
I caught it on tv at the age of 14 back in the 90's, and even though I'd been brought up on Nightmare on Elm st, Hellraiser, Childs Play, Evil Dead type stuff, this one managed to draw me in.
More thriller than horror.
It's actually a bit more along the lines of that show "YOU" than the new films bearing the name.
Anyways, if you don't mind stepping back into yesterday, you may want to check it out at some stage.

Thanks for the tip. I will put The Collection on my watchlist.
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