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Thanks for the boost. I consider myself a 'fan-fiction' specialist (I've written over 200 fan-fics on the Internet over the last 4 years in fact!).

I'm trying to improve my technique, and the Alien films offer nice inspiration for me.


Daniels studied the lines of the desk in her room on the space-shuttle Prometheus. She was mourning the loss of her husband, Captain Branson, who died in a freakish accident in one of the hypersleep pods during the Prometheus's special flight to the planet Xanadu (a remote planet where water was detected), which was located somewhere outside Earth's solar-system. According to NASA reports, there was an intelligent signal emanating from Xanadu.

When the Prometheus landed on Xanadu, Captain Oram (the new leader) ordered a special surveying-team to scour the terrain on the planet. Daniels was among this team. As the group roamed around a field surrounded by mountains and hills with fjords and containing a nice lake, Oram suggested that the crew of the Prometheus begin generating reports on the colonization-potential on Xanadu. However, Daniels protested, insisting the crew first investigate the nature/origin of the intelligent signal emanating from Xanadu.

Oram conceded, so the surveying-team decided to prowl around inside the mountainside's caves and caverns, looking for signs of organic life. One member, Stephenson (the zoologist), found what seemed to be a patch of large eggs (of what creature he couldn't identify). As Stephenson started probing the eggs, a strange black mist rose from the eggs, and some of it entered Stephenson's nostrils and the pores on his face. Within 10 minutes, Stephenson went into an epileptic seizure and had to be carried back to the Prometheus.

Doctor Tennessee looked at Stephenson and alarmingly reported to Captain Oram that Stephenson was somehow infected by an 'alien organism' which was not gestating and growing inside Stephenson's chest! Oram panicked and wondered if they should execute Stephenson and extract the alien, but Tennessee insisted they try to keep him alive. As the two argued, a bizarre-looking and rather large insectisoid-looking creature with an oval head and long tail lunged out of Stephenson's broken chest and scurried away at incredible speed and disappeared.

ORAM: Let's keep this a secret, doctor.
TENNESSEE: Whatever you say...

Daniels requested Oram give an address to the crew regarding the importance of the alien intelligence signal which NASA detected. Oram confessed to the crew that the intelligence signal was the reason the Prometheus was sent to Xanadu. Daniels felt betrayed and wondered if her husband's death on the Prometheus would ever be honoured. Tennessee suggested that all members of the surveying-team be inspected for possible signs of alien-contagion. All team members were cleared, but Tennessee himself started noticing strange spores developing on his forearm (but he kept this secret).

Two months later, as the crew of the Prometheus continued developing a 'base-station' on Xanadu and began cultivating the land for farming purposes, Oram continued to report to NASA about the nature of the intelligence signal. Oram did not disclose yet to NASA the potential link between the mysterious intelligence signal and the strange eerie creature which burst out of Stephenson's chest and disappeared. However, Oram would soon discover that this creature was indeed a 'major player.' As Oram and Daniels went on a mission to explore on the caverns, they discovered more eggs (the kind Stephenson discovered).

ORAM: This must be more of that creature...
DANIELS: Let's exterminate these eggs!
ORAM: Daniels, I'm surprised by your 'bravado.'
DANIELS: Hey, even women take action, sir.

As Daniels was about to exterminate the eggs, a human-like voice cried out, "No!" Daniels and Oram turned around and saw a cyborg standing before them. The cyborg introduced himself as Walter One, a 'being' created secretly by NASA and then kidnapped by the 'alien-creatures' called 'Xenomorphs' (which Stephenson fatefully 'discovered') and brought to Xanadu. Daniels and Oram wondered if this was all some giant conspiracy!

ORAM: What do you do on Xanadu?
DANIELS: Do you serve these 'Xenomorph' creatures?
WALTER: Yes; it was the Xenomorphs (aka, 'Xenos') who sent the signal!

ORAM: That 'creature' (its 'relatives') sent that intelligence signal?
DANIELS: What do they want?
WALTER: They want to dominate human beings...

Daniels and Oram quickly concluded that Walter One was a slave of the Xenomorphs, and Daniels worried that Walter One was setting some kind of 'fertility-trap' so the Xenos would proliferate and maybe even use the Prometheus to travel back to Earth for a terrifying invasion. Walter One explained to Oram that the Xenos grew very large in size and possessed corrosive acid for blood, making it incredibly dangerous to get close to them or try to puncture them in anyway. Oram hypothesized that these Xenos were messengers of doom whose blood was literally poison.

DANIELS: Let's get the hell out of here, captain.
ORAM: Agreed; we'll leave Walter here and report everything to NASA.
DANIELS: Agreed.

The Prometheus took off and headed back to Earth. Daniels was quietly relieved she'd never have to deal with those Xenos ever again, swearing to retire as soon as she got home and properly mourn the accidental death of her husband (Captain Branson). What no one on the Prometheus (crew size: 15) knew was that Doctor Tennessee was infected by Xeno-spores which started mutating the good doctor into a Xenomorph! Captain Oram was having dinner one night with Tennessee when they had a very eerie conversation. Earth's fate hung in the balance.

ORAM: Looks like we'll be back on Earth on schedule...
TENNESSEE: That's good news indeed, captain!
ORAM: What's wrong with your arm; are those sores?
TENNESSEE: There's something growing inside me, sir.
ORAM: Excuse me?
TENNESSEE: Are you a fan of rainbows on Earth, sir?
ORAM: Yes, why?
TENNESSEE: Did you notice the double-rainbow on Xanadu?
ORAM: Um, yes I did, Tennessee; what's this about?
TENNESSEE: This is about changing ecology and nature!
ORAM: What the hell are you talking about, doctor?
TENNESSEE: You see, sir, I'm becoming something else.
ORAM: Doctor, you should stay in private quarters for mental rehab.
TENNESSEE: I'm merely a 'rainbow-messenger.'
ORAM: Rainbow-messenger? I'm not following, Tennessee.
TENNESSEE: The Xenos are messengers of poison and pollution.
ORAM: Really? How'd you know that? I think you're ill...
TENNESSEE: Earth will become a haven for dinosaurs again, captain.
ORAM: Just get rest; we'll be home soon.


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