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Ok,here in Blighty we are only on episode 7,which i have yet to see.

My verdict.......................i love it.The Walking Dead has got very tired for me,in fact i almost gave it up at the end of series two.They spend far too long in the same location week after week and throw in a zombie at the end as a reminder what the show is.

Z-Nation,has a smaller budget but to be honest i like that.It is not all about FX.I also love the change in scenery each week,not stuck in the old place all the time,like the farm and the prison in TWD.I also love the Murphy character and his abilty to blend in with the dead and not get eaten,that has very interesting plot ideas for the future i feel.

All the characters i actually care about unlike TWD where the only one of any merit is Daryl.So,as i said we are only into ep 7 so a long way to go to catch up with you guys but so far, so very good.
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