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Village of the Damned is one of my all time Favorites,went to the Theater back in 1960 to see it,Have it on two DVDs.devil::
Originally Posted by OLO View Post
these may not be the scariest or gory movies made... but they are great movies to enjoy!!!

Village of the Damned- 1960
Eyes Without a Face- 1960
The Innocents- 1961
Repulsion- 1965
Kill, Baby Kill- 1966
Hour of the Wolf- 1968
The Wicker Man- 1973
Don't Look Now- 1973
Burnt Offerings- 1976
Eraserhead- 1977
The Shining- 1980
The Lost Boys- 1987
The Changeling- 1980
Possession- 1981 (messed up)
Sleepaway Camp- 1983
Stir of Echoes- 1999
The Vanishing- 1993
Funny Games- 1997 (mind blown)
The Devil's Backbone- 2001
The Orphanage- 2007
The Others- 2001
Dorm- 2006
Let the Right One In- 2008
The Bay- 2012
The Babadook- 2014
Goodnight Mommy- 2014

good list to check out, sorry added some more recent ones too!!!
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