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Originally Posted by hammerfan View Post
1. What's a weeaboo?
2. I recommend "Reincarnation"
Have you ever met those annoying people who love Japanese animation and manga so much that they obsess over it to the point of using Japanese words like "baka" and "kawaii" in an English-spoke conversation when they clearly don't know how to actually speak Japanese? They also tend to bad mouth anything that isn't Japanese (especially American stuff) and they like to believe that they are such experts on Japanese culture just because they watch Japanese entertainment with subtitles and look up a few things about Japan on Wikipedia. Also every weeaboo I know dreams of one day moving to Japan to become an "English teacher" and marry a beautiful Japanese citizen because they envision the country to be some sort of Utopia that's better than where they live now. Nevermind the fact that a lot of Japanese people are xenophobic and don't take well to outsiders trying to move in on their already crowded country.

But yeah that pretty much sums up the description of your typical weeaboo. Now please don't misunderstand me there is nothing wrong with loving Japanese culture or entertainment (I actually love Japanese culture myself). But weeaboos take it way too far.

Also I saw a preview for the movie Reincarnation once and it looked good. I'll have to check it out if I ever get the chance. :)
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