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One of the few animes I do like is a Japanese mini series called Petshop of Horrors.

It has the exact same concept as Gremlins. A mysterious Chinese man running a shop in Chinatown who sells monster pets to rich people and gives them a list of rules to follow in order to take care of them, and whenever the rules are broken disaster happens to the owners and they often end up killed by their pets. The show had four episodes.

The first episode "Daughter" was about a married couple who buy a rabbit girl who looks exactly like their daughter Alice who died from a drug overdose.

The second episode "Delicious" is about a man who buys a mermaid who looks exactly like his wife, a famous singer named Eva, who drowned on their wedding.

The third episode "Despair" is about a one-hit wonder actor with an obsession with reptiles who buys a gorgon named Medusa and she has to keep a blindfold around her eyes at all time.

And the fourth episode "Dual" is about a politician and his campaign manager who buy a Qilin, a mythical Asian monster said to grant wishes through the sacrifice of others, in the hope that this man will become the next president of the United States.
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