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Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

Synopsis:Yosuke is your run of the mill neet, daydreaming his way through life, whom still mourns over the loss of his friend a year before that set him on this apathetic path of wondering what the point is. This all changes one night, however, when he chances upon a beautiful and mysterious girl named Eri that he instantly falls head over heels for. The only obstacle keeping him from his love? He has to contend with the hulking immortal maniac armed with a chainsaw that drops from the sky every night that she must battle. No biggy.

This film adapted from a novel ( which has subsequently been turned into a manga ), cleverly features themes of loss and the mourning process we all go through in our own way, as well as how lost souls tend to find each other and how difficult it is to recognize your own sadness and issues, even when the one you care the most about is just as equally in love with their own misery.

Set against the ridiculous premise ( that the title fully delivers on ), this flick is a smart and well done little tale of how we get stuck in endless loops of pointless and self imposed depression we wish we could so easily attribute to some physical enemy. The storytelling is brilliant, the actors all come across as heartfelt and sincere in their portrayals of these characters, and the over the top action breaks up the narrative nicely, all culminating in a satisfying final confrontation against “ The Chainsaw Man “.

9/10, I loved this one. It’s refreshing to find something that can carry an overall positive message without coming across as preachy or spoonfeeding you what you’re smart enough to figure out for yourself. Definitely recommend it.
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