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What the shit?!?

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I'm not reading any replies so I don't flavour my answers any.

I don't necessarily think that all "good" games are fun.

I'm just going to go with games that I've played that haven't stressed me in a negative way? They're probably none too serious, but lets see what I come up with. I think I'll draw a line between fun and funNY too.
I want to try and get a good list going on.

#1 stands on it's own - BISHI BASHI SPECIAL

Also thought I'd mention the Uncharted stuff...for as much as they CAN stress me ...quality title that playing, and watching the characters interactions and stories unfold, is such a pleasure it's just "fun" no matter what to me. Stress fun?

Crash Team Racing - cart game ever.

Donkey Kong - The "long" version on gameboy.
Bomberman World (arcade)
Incredible Crisis.
LocoRoco - One of the few examples of innovation/gimmickry gone right.
The Punisher (arcade)
Metal Slug series.
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron.
Streets of Rage series - 2 player.
Revenge of Shinobi
Earthworm Jim.
Alley Cat.
Bomb Jack
Ratchet and Clank (The first ps3 one)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Far Cry (1)
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Lode Runner.
Snow Brothers.
Irritating Stick/Maze.
Mario 64.
N Ninja
Commander Keen...or really any old apogee series.
Max Payne.
Bubble Bobble.
Lego Star Wars.
Ape Escape.
Die Hard/Dynamite Cop.
Warcraft 2
Rocky Legends - PVP of course.
Rolo the Elephant.
The Final Fight (just 1, never played the sequels)
Quack Shot.
Jet Li - Rise to Honour. Like playing a movie. Difficult, but fun.
Mario Kart 64.
Virtua Cop 2.
Rocket Knight Adventure (preferred over "sparkster")
Zombies!/Ate My Neighbours.
Cannon Fodder.
Crypt Killers.
Gauntlet series, across the board really.
Marvel X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance series.
Unreal Tournament (first one, dreamcast era for me - pure arcadeykillfun)

Shit. There's too many...

But yeah, those are some of those that I've enjoyed over the years. Easy to pick up and play and generally a good time.
The door got in..:rolleyes:
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