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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
I don't know if I've played many funny video games. I heard that the old Conker's Bad Day is funny. But I never played it. I didn't want to play a crude animal. Those old PC Leisure Suit Larry games were supposed to be funny. I remember struggling to play them because they had questions that kids had difficulty answering. Thus, the game wouldn't start.
I meant Most Fun video game, not Funniest.

Sorry, I was having a little fun with the word fun. People often say funnest (the word in the title), but they don't write it. Websters dictionary now also lists fun as an adj that can be written 'correctly' as funnest, funner, etc. I'll ask Hammerfan to edit my title. Interesting experiment. = )

Leisure Suit Larry -- yes, I tried playing that game when I was a kid, and I couldn't answer those questions either. Besides that game, I don't know of any funny games either. But I ask a pal of mine who probably knows of some. I did play this game where one of you weapons caused a great white to pop out of the ground and eat your enemies, that was hilarious!

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