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Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
I'm not reading any replies so I don't flavour my answers any.

I don't necessarily think that all "good" games are fun.

I'm just going to go with games that I've played that haven't stressed me in a negative way? They're probably none too serious, but lets see what I come up with. I think I'll draw a line between fun and funNY too.
I want to try and get a good list going on.

#1 stands on it's own - BISHI BASHI SPECIAL

Also thought I'd mention the Uncharted stuff...for as much as they CAN stress me ...quality title that playing, and watching the characters interactions and stories unfold, is such a pleasure it's just "fun" no matter what to me. Stress fun?

Crash Team Racing - cart game ever.
Unreal Tournament (first one, dreamcast era for me - pure arcadeykillfun)
So true, games don't have to be fun to be good. Maybe more so enjoyable than fun? Lots of people love the story like in Mass Effect, or flat out love challenge like first person shooter team deathmatch in COD4 or Chess, or winning which different than challenge like those 'kids' who hack the hell out of a game and kill everybody and claim victory.

Unreal Tournament --
was a great multiplayer pure arcade kill fest game. My friends and I played a ton of that, usually teaming against the bots which were good. Had to hate Tamerlane headshooting you in 1 sec flat (we'd have the bot difficulty very high). The flack gun was my baby, I could drop those rock-nades anywhere, but loved to switch weapons cause they were so varied. Had to love the disc-gun that could ricochet those discs around corners!

Un-Wheel Tournament --
Speaking of racing games, Unreal Tournament had a mod called Unwheel that was a really fun racing game. Ever try that?

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