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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
I went from Gameboy to Xbox and the first game I played on Xbox was JET SET RADIO FUTURE.

A wonderful looking game indeed. I played it till dawn came up. Sent me a little mad.

I miss it. It was fun in a way that DOOM 3 was not. That was more of a challenge.

God, I gotta get another game system.
Jet Set sounds like fun. I was never into the ski and skateboard games myself.

I would have played Doom, but I was hooked on Dukenukem. Played some of the Hexen and Doom demos. Eventually would move on to Half-life, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament(s), Call of Duty(s), the new Wolfenstein, etc.

Did you ever play XBOX's original Godzilla fighting game? That was one I was interested in.

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