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Could be, Sculpt! He DOES to seem to get more moxie as the film continues.

THE WILD BUNCH (1969). "It ain't like the old Days, but it will do" says Edmond O'Brien to Robert Ryan towards the end, and this could probably also suffice for the Western genre itself. While there has always been some dustiness in westerns, John Wayne/Gary Cooper et al always looked clean and noble and The "Bunch" is anything but. They are filthy and absolutely amoral, despite a "Code" they have. Probably the best Western ever made with a first rate cast, wonderful scenery and one of the most violent films I've ever seen, in particular the final Gun battle-it's literally a squib overdose and one can only imagine the reactions to original audiences. *****

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>. While this is a classic, albeit grimy film, one scene I do not like at all. Not at all fond of arachnids nor insects, but deplore the scene where children are pushing a couple of scorpions into Red ants, then setting it all on fire. Maybe it was director Sam Peckinpah's way to say that life is cheap and brutish...perhaps, but I don't like seeing animals killed just for exploitation (which is why I hate most of the Jungle cannibal films), especially when he shows this about six times.
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