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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Good set. I have this super cheap 4 DVD set of 20 horror films that include all of those except The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Night of Bloody Horror, and Nosferatu. I've even heard of Night of Bloody Horror. But the movie I have does have the original Little Shop of Horrors, Maniac and The Last Man on Earth.
I've never watched The Brain That Wouldn't Die (or Night of Bloody Horror) but I've heard good things about it. Apparently it's pretty violent for a movie that came out in the early 60's and has a scene of a man getting his arm ripped off.

Also I just ordered the Carnival of Souls DVD with four bonus movies and I have no idea what the four extra movies are but I hope they're good lol. I'll let you guys know once I get it.
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