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dvd bargains

Six movies on a dvd? That's nothing. I bought a dvd for ten bucks at Walmart that had 50 horror movies. I guess "classic horror movie" to them means "movie that doesn't happen to be under copyright right now."
But the quality varied greatly, from good to unwatchable.

The dvd included a movie that I was the only one in the world to have ever seen: a peculiar vampire movie from the 1940s called Dead Men Walk, starring George Zucco. He plays twin brothers, one good and the other evil.
I suppose not many people remember Zucco, except for his playing Prof. Moriarty in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Basil Rathbone.

Here's another movie that I thought only I knew about. I saw this movie on the late late show when I was a child. Last night I saw it in the cable listings: On Borrowed Time, starring Lionel Barrymore. It's about an old man who had Death (Sir Cedric Hardwick) trapped in his apple tree.

Speaking of Death as a character, I have never seen the original Death Takes a Holiday, starring Fredric March. My sister says that's its the corniest movie she's ever seen.
As you all know, Fredric March is the only actor to win a Best Actor Oscar for a performance in a horror movie: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
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