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Hall and Oates/Squeeze- 8/9/21. Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion Gilford NH

Saw H&O two weeks after getting married (2/85) and despite being more of a Headbanger (Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Scorpions etc), they put on a excellent show with Daryl Hall exuding more confidence than 20 singers.

Two years after a severe Electrical storm cancelled their performance, they were back and while a lot of hits were played, it was a short set, only about 14 songs with a LOT of patter by Darryl that seemed more about taking up time as well as bitching at his Guitar tech close to the mike. About five people from work/gym have the same outlook as I did, so at least I did not feel like I was nitpicking.

Despite all the minuses, They sounded really good-Ace Band they had- and John Oates really is a better singer/ guitar player than given credit for.

As far as Squeeze, only know a couple of tunes. Very good players, but almost too loud for the venue and also was disappointed KT Tunstall had to back out as was looking forward to seeing what She could do.
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