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Lightbulb What albums are you sessioning lately?

What albums have you guys been listening to a lot of latley?: This is what I've been sessioning heaps at the moment:

DYSTOPIA - The Aftermath

Very deranged album. Definatley my favorite at the moment. If you haven't checked it out before you should.

PROVOKED - Infant In The Womb Of Warfare

Great hardcore punk with female vocals.

PROVOKED - Prepare For The Cold


SCHIFOSI - Ill Winds from Outopia

Very cool Australian band. Brutal shit with female vocals. Real impressed with this one at the moment.

and some oldies I always end up thrashin':

MELVINS - Houdini

MC5 - Back In The USA

Almost deserves a thread of its own. I dusted this off the other day and it still kicks my ass. THE rock n roll album in my opinion. "Let Me Try" and "American Ruse" are total fucking classics.

ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs

Very important album to me. Featuring members that went on to form Pere Ubu and Dead Boys (songs by both bands are in their original forms here) this band fucking owns. Anyone into stuff like The Stooges or 1970s NY scene should definatley pick up a copy. It has the most amazing version of "Ain't It Fun" and I recommend everyone check out the songs "So Cold" and "Amphetamine"

HANK WILLIAMS - Cheating Hearts

It all started here. I think "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" is my all time favorite song.
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