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Lightbulb Sara: The Real Harley Quinn

I wanted to offer up a revealing and somewhat graphic horror-comics oriented approach to the presentation of arguably the most unusual American comic book villainness, the bizarre and beautiful and very bad Harley Quinn (LINK) before retiring from short-story writing!

Thanks for reading,


Sara was not normal. In college, she began experimenting with Ouija. She kept trying to invoke the presence of a goat-headed demon who was said by many alternative Luciferians to take multiple human wives. After college, Sara took a vow of darkness and pledged to betray and haunt a gallant gentleman who tried to court or romance her while she was traveling in Europe. Sara maddened and then decapitated three fine young men in Europe who'd dared to challenge this dark vow.

Sara began reading Batman (DC Comics) stories and making paintings of the highly unusual fictional Gotham City villainness Harley Quinn, a criminal-psychologist who became a clown-faced hellraiser. Sara began fantasizing she herself was Harley Quinn and attended a 21st Century outdoor hippie festival in California dressed up as Harley Quinn herself! Sara kidnapped the two young children of a hippie couple from their festival tent while they were high on marijuana and tobacco cigarettes.

Sara ('Harley Quinn') renamed the kidnapped children ('Damian and Jason') and dressed them up as clowns. She brought in drunken men into her apartment, poisoned them, and then burned their bodies in front of the two children ('Damian and Jason'). She told the children, as they sat there dumbfounded dressed up by their 'stepmother' ('Harley Quinn') that what they witnessed would never actually happen to them! Sara did this for three years, and Damian and Jason were now 8, and Sara was 30.

Sara ('Harley Quinn') left 'Damian' and 'Jason' at the footsteps of a Catholic convent in northern California with an eerie note that read, "I challenge the goodly nuns of this convent to find ways to raise these two young abandoned boys to transcend all thoughts of wrath and somehow become 'spiritual' men of the modern world of law and order!" Sara ('Harley Quinn') intended to deliver the dark message that spiritual refinement outdoors require extraordinary doses of religious education. She was slandering religious doctrine.

Sara ('Harley Quinn') then decided to travel to Belfast (Northern Ireland) and purchase a modest apartment using money she got by robbing 5 California banks. Sara wandered around Belfast costumed as Harley Quinn and carrying a toy machine-gun late at night. When British police insisted to know what the hell she was trying to prove, she coldly told them, "I'm using nonviolent theatrics to remind the goodly people of Northern Ireland that age-old troubles between Protestants and Catholics in Belfast must be fought with artistic tactics."

Harley Quinn (Sara) attended a Belfast club-soccer game in the summer, in the newly erected society stadium, costumed and smoking clove cigarettes. Spectators thought she was making some bizarre statement about the 'fun' of showing up at a public sports-event pretending to be a rabble-rousing female clown! Sara ('Harley Quinn') then pulled out a homemade miniature self-assembling explosive hidden in the sole of her boots and announced to the soccer-stadium crowd that she intended to blow herself up during the game! She was immediately arrested, found criminally-insane by her trial judge, and incarcerated indefinitely at the Belfast Asylum.

DOCTOR: You insisted this was your only wild deed, Sara?
SARA: Uh-uh-uh, doc; call me Harley Quinn!
DOCTOR: Ahem, well, I suppose I understand that...Harley.
SARA: Harley Quinn!
DOCTOR: Well...alright 'Harley Quinn' (if that relaxes you!).
SARA: It certainly does, doc.
DOCTOR: Alright, so this was your first rebellious gesture?
HARLEY QUINN: Uh-uh; I decapitated men and kidnapped children!
DOCTOR: What(?)...where(?)...when?
HARLEY QUINN: You see, doc, I'm a 'dark messenger' of faithlessness.
DOCTOR: I don't understand, Ms. Harley Quinn.
HARLEY QUINN: My Satanic message is that evil is real...and intriguing!
DOCTOR: You're seriously mentally ill; we'll keep you hear and treat you!
HARLEY QUINN: Are you going to have sex with me, doc?
HARLEY QUINN: Don't you find me at all...voluptuous?
DOCTOR: You're an acute schizophrenic; I'll get you medicine!
HARLEY QUINN: We'll see how 'faithful' you are, doc.
DOCTOR: God will watch over us both, Ms. Harley Quinn.
HARLEY QUINN: Well, if he does, you may call me Sara!
DOCTOR: Relax now and sleep; I'll consult with the head-therapist.
HARLEY QUINN: Hey, I'll be here...making my crayon drawings of Satan.
DOCTOR: We'll get you well, Sara...and keep you here as a special patient!
HARLEY QUINN: Alright, doc; I'm sure you'll stay up thinking about me.
DOCTOR: We all went what's best for you, Sara.
HARLEY QUINN: Please call me 'Harley Quinn'...for now, doc!


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