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Chapter 2: Vampire Hunter D

I really liked how that turned out, so I've added a chapter with a deviant twist, inspired by Vampire Hunter D (LINK).


As one might fear, the unusual protagonist of our horrific fable, 'Harley Quinn' (Sara) managed to escape from the Asylum and fled to Romania where she began sellin opium to travelers. That's not surprising, given Harley Quinn's characteristic penchant for all things sub-normal! Well, Harley Quinn continued to wander, dressed like a bad clown, now selling opium and arguably stamping her seal onto Romanian legend (or infamy) as an underworld figurine.

One late night in Transylvania (Romania), Harley Quinn came across a strange-looking but rather dashing 30-something year-old man in a big top-hat. The man walked right up to Harley Quinn and told her his name --- 'Alas' --- and explained he was a mercenary...and skilled crossbow-wielding vampire-hunter! At first thought, the evil Harley Quinn just laughed and asked Alas if he was just trying to find a clever way to ask her for some of her reputed opium.

ALAS: "You must believe me, Harley Quinn. Vampires are very real and all around us...even in the 21st Century. I've been paid to target an underground vampire-cult in Romania and discovered they have a secret sect living in Canada and scheming to invade America this autumn. I want an extraordinary 'ally' for my Canadian 'adventure' --- someone who'll hold up a hand-lantern while walking around with me late at night, dressed like a harlequin and making street-smart jokes --- someone who'll help me 'lure' in the company of mischief-smelling vampires!"

Harley Quinn admitted she was rather impressed with Alas' surreal sense of 'mercenary' imagination and his seeming over-confidence that modern-day terrestrial ghouls may actually be bloodthirsty demons of the night. She remained naturally skeptical however...until Alas showed her his special collection of the actual bloodsucking human-creatures he'd already hunted or killed. Now, Harley Quinn was in belief, seeing images of those Alas had hunted, dark figures with protruding vampire-fangs and bloody mouths.

HARLEY QUINN: "I admit, now, Alas, you certainly present yourself boldly and have funny pictures to back up your boast! I've been living as a night-phantom but perhaps some offbeat 'vampire-hunting' might clear my senses. Alright, I'll go with you to Canada to seek out night-vampires, but you must promise not to tell anyone you now believe, 'Harley Quinn is an angel of God' rather than what I really just might be --- a messenger of fear!"

Alas, the strange-looking vampire-hunter, who never disclosed his origins, promised to keep Harley Quinn's conscience-secret, and now, he had the right nocturnal ally to help him grab nasty bloodthirsty vampires in Canada. Alas and Harley Quinn traveled to Canada and roamed around Vancouver, Quebec, and other places --- late at night of course! --- stalking vampires. Harley Quinn dressed in her usual clown-gear and 'face-paint' and carried a lantern with her as she roamed the streets with Alas in Canada, making loud jokes and improvising folk-songs with a mischievous edge, hoping to catch the attention of passing camouflaged mischief-smelling vampires. The duo came across one in Quebec.

VAMPIRE: "I was drawn to your female sidekick and her lantern and humor, and you've guessed correctly I'm a vampire...of the night! I am tied to the Romanian vampire-clan, and we intend to infuse our bloodline with that of humans' living in America someday! I defy you both, vampire-hunter and harlequin, and I dare you with me fierce blood to destroy me...and if you fail, well, then, I shall suck the marrow and red blood from your bones (yum!)."

After this eerie 'Canadian vampire' delivered his dare-speech to Alas and Harley Quinn, he lunged towards Alas, seeking to bite him in the neck! Alas swiftly moved to the side, and the vampire lunged right past him. Alas then grabbed him by the shoulders and neck and sunk his holy-water tipped arrow into the vampire's ugly neck. Alas and Harley Quinn watched as the vampire fell to the ground and grew paler and paler...until he simply stopped breathing. Harley Quinn hugged the triumphant vampire-hunter Alas and told him he had earned a school-grade much higher than a humbling D. She then told Alas the two of them would embark on a 'mystical' blood-drenched journey in Canada. This was the second chapter of the odd journey of 'the real Harley Quinn' (Sara).


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