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Batman and Harley Quinn: Romance(?)

I wanted to add an experimental addendum about the Harley Quinn we've casted here in a fertile romance with Batman (DC Comics).

Thanks for reading,


Harley Quinn decided to part ways with the vampire-hunter and traveled to Gotham City where she could do some fun bank-robbery to draw some media attention to the Gotham mayor's apparent mismanagement of new industrial business contracts. Harley decided to wear an extra-cute rabbit-mask and an extra-sexy pair of shorts for the deed but on her way out of the bank, carrying over $5 million in a bag, she was picked up by Gotham City's new vigilante, Batman.

BATMAN: Get in my bat-mobile, Harley Quinn!
HARLEY: How can I refuse?
BATMAN: You can't.
HARLEY: So where we headed, b-man?
BATMAN: That's 'Batman' to you, Harley Quinn.
HARLEY: Nice car.
BATMAN: Thanks; it's a nitro-enhanced night-prowler!
HARLEY: So you taking me to Arkham Asylum?
HARLEY: Can I turn on your bat-stereo?
BATMAN: Yes, go ahead.
HARLEY: So you're the new Gotham vigilante!
BATMAN: Unusual vigilance is needed today.
HARLEY: How'd you spot my bank?
BATMAN: I read headlines of public angst towards mayoral finances.
HARLEY: Oh, then the bank alarm showed you someone was cooking.
BATMAN: I read stories about you in crime journals!
HARLEY: Yes, I'm a celebrity.
BATMAN: You ended your weird mystical 'creature' crusade?
HARLEY: Hey, I was chasing real tyrants who were real vampires!
BATMAN: Whatever; you need psychiatric treatment at Arkham.
HARLEY: You're an excellent driver, Batman.
BATMAN: I'm pleased you're comfortable, Harley Quinn.
HARLEY: You think I'm flirting with you.
BATMAN: I'm mistaken.
HARLEY: You are rather gallant, despite being an unusual vigilante.
BATMAN: I like to invest in the long-term welfare of women and children.
HARLEY: A true friend to Oliver Twist, eh?
BATMAN: I think I am!
HARLEY: What you need is a long night of sex...with me!
BATMAN: I track masked manslayers, cannibals, and druglords.
HARLEY: So you're a fighter, not a lover.
BATMAN: Why, does terrorism make you yearn for a beau?
HARLEY: Doesn't urban blood-culture make you crave real love?
BATMAN: You intend to entreat me with offers of sensual dreams.
HARLEY: Just think --- "Batman weds Harley who's in Playboy!"
BATMAN: You're appealing to my sense of Christian romance?
HARLEY: Maybe!
BATMAN: Yell you what --- I'll visit you in Arkham on Valentine's Day.
BATMAN: I'll arrange a special Playboy feature about patients in media.
HARLEY: Would something like that actually sell in Gotham?
BATMAN: One can 'sell' anything these days, Harley Quinn!
HARLEY: You're rather bold about ethics and customs.
BATMAN: I care about humanity.
HARLEY: Maybe you should visit me!
BATMAN: You're wearing very nice perfume, incidentally.
HARLEY: Maybe you'll make me your 'media' doll.
BATMAN: Maybe.

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