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Exclamation The Young Russians!

One extra section about why Harley Quinn seems to be a great character for more dark stories about modern frailty.


Sara (Harley Quinn) was about to confront two forms of complete darkness in the modern world. She was in Moscow (again), wandering around with a baseball-bat she fitted with spikes, after she escaped from Arkham Asylum. Harley Quinn was using her bat to randomly kill thugs and vagrants late at night, convinced she was the antithesis of Joan of Arc and sent to Earth to create hellfire, be it for good or bad!

Harley Quinn learned there were two kinds of criminals in Moscow at the time! The first was a ferocious chainsaw-wielding cannibal named Leatherface who worked part-time at a butcher's shop. The other was a ruthless crimelord named Angel who ran drugs and prostitution in a Moscow still really 'recovering' from the utter collapse of the communist Soviet Union. Harley wandered around the Russian city, killing loiterers who made the urban gloom somewhat gloomier.

Harley Quinn met three precocious young people in Moscow one night, at about 2 a.m. The trio was comprised of a young man and woman named Alix and Katerina who were dating and another single young woman named Stana who was just their roaming friend. The trio had heard of Harley Quinn's reputation and pseudo-celebrity and were excited to meet her and converse. They asked her about her exploits, and she disclosed some to the curious Russian youngsters.

Harley Quinn consented to meet with the trio every Saturday night to relay her misadventures. She met with them on two consecutive Saturdays before reading a pair of horrific news-headlines in the Moscow Gazette. The first report was of a wandering young woman who was apparently brutally raped by the Russian maniac Leatherface. The other report was of a young couple who'd wandered into the palace of the Russian crimelord Angel, seeking to disrepute him by stealing his guns, but ending up being beaten by Angel's thugs.

Harley Quinn was in a cold sweat, because she was now certain that the three young Russians reported to be assaulted by the evil Leatherface and Angel were in fact the very-same trio of youngsters she'd met on the dark streets of Moscow and agreed to convene with every Saturday night (for the past two weeks) for misadventure chats! Harley realized that her exploit tales had 'inspired' Alix, Katerina, and Stana to seek out outrageous adventures of their own. Harley's bravado had moved the three young Russians to a place of very unfortunate danger and tragedy!

HARLEY: What the hell happened?
ALIX: We wanted to be wild and you!
KATERINA: Stana tried to outwit Leatherface and ended up raped!
STANA: Alix and Katerina tried to outsmart Angel and were beaten.

HARLEY: I never suggested you three youngsters should copy me!
ALIX: We had to try, Harley; we're simply humbled.
KATERINA: Man, Stana got it the worst; but Alix and I took a dark brutality.
STANA: Moscow is, and will always be, a city of omens!


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