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I wanted to add a fun freakish Halloween vignette to this inventive thread about the general 'daydreams' of Harley Quinn!

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Sara (Harley Quinn) was back in America and working at an amusement-park haunted mansion. She'd changed her hair and applied a face-masking cosmetic preparation that changed her complexion and appearance so no one would identify her as the infamous (or famous) Harley Quinn. She welcomed visitors to the haunted mansion at the amusement park which saw lots of guests during the Halloween season.

It was now the Halloween season, and Harley Quinn worked inside the haunted mansion as one of the ghoulish costumed specters who gave the visitors delightful freakish goosebumps and screams. However, this Halloween season, the haunted mansion at that particular haunted mansion would see all sorts of real-life screams, That's because Harley Quinn (Sara) decided to take a devilish turn back to a life of murderous mayhem.

Harley Quinn dressed as the costumed harlequin from comic books made popular in America but added a frightening hockey-mask to her get-up. As visitors entered the haunted mansion at the amusement park and passed through the area Harley Quinn lurked as a simple eerily-masked fear-venue specter, Harley Quinn determined who she'd mark for murder. Those she chose she followed to their parked cars and slit their throats and wrapped a red scarf around their bleeding necks before driving their dying or dead bodies in their own cars to a nearby cemetery.

Over the course of the one October month that Halloween season, Sara (Harley Quinn) murdered over 15 individuals who'd visited her haunted mansion at the amusement park. Finally, the authorities discovered the 15 bodies half-buried at the nearby somewhat archaic cemetery. After some heavy detective work, it was discovered that multiple victims had visited the amusement park where Harley Quinn worked, but by then, Halloween was over, and Harley Quinn had already fled to Canada to determine what her newly-imagined scream mission would yield.


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