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Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
Some of our older members...what do you think of this?

The show never came out here, but my daughter has watched the kind of "junior" spiritual successor "Daniel Tiger", which I'm sure only loosely compares.
The more I've seen about this guy, the more...I realise he's kind of a product of a bygone era, which is depressing. Seemed like an honestly nice guy.
Tom Hanks...well...doesn't look a huge lot like him, but it's really hard to say that he's not totally nailing it in terms of channeling the guy. In my mind, he's a pretty good choice. Thoughts?
The movie bothers me. The essence of Mr Rogers is Mr Rogers. That is his actual living spirit. You can't recreate that. You can only fall way too far from that tree to bother with an actor doing him in a film. I might actually dig somebody sincerely imitating him with live performances, but not in a film. It's too icky.

I understand there's a recent documentary on him, "Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018)". Has good reviews. I'm sure I'll see that sometime.

Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
Here you go, more Picard, M:

Raises a few questions...Who's the girl? Is humanity somehow enslaved, or have no "real" outside? What's happened since? Is that Data? B4? An illusion in Picards head? A holodeck simulation? What name will "she" go by now? I'm...actually really hanging for this, they have the opportunity to do something amazing here.
looks interesting. The holodeck was the best addition from NextGen. Could be a Matrix type of thing. That could be cool. A type of Borg system, echoing A Brave New World via holodeck.

Did you ever see, or remember, the Next Gen ep "The Inner Light"? One of the best eps, where Picard lives a whole life via this projection of an ancient artifact floating in space -- like a lifelong tape on a 'Brainstorm (1983)' tape.

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