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When I was in middle school 2012 we watched this movie about an old lady who�s granddaughter or daughter hires this other girl to move in and take care of her. I think there might have been a grandfather there too but I�m not sure. The old lady doesn�t talk or can�t talk and it turns out she had been possessed for a long time and since she�s dying now, or she�s just too old, the demon or whatever it was wants to take over the care taker girls body. The most specific thing I can remember is the last few scenes where somehow the girl figures out that if you don�t believe it�s real then the demon can�t take over you�re body and so there in the attic I think and she keeps telling herself that she doesn�t believe and it�s not real but then the last scene is the woman not speaking and the demon took over her body the end.

I also remember that the house might be on a lake or something or there were a lot of trees or something but it was kind of secluded?
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