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Hall of Mirrors: Expecting Dartmouth

This horror-comics oriented short-story abstract is meant to ask the question, "Can horror writing include images and ideas about mental transition?" This sort of approach to fear storytelling it seems is well-suited for horror comics --- e.g., Tales from the Crypt. What do you think?


Stan was walking around the annual carnival mirror-house attraction at his small town in New Jersey when he noticed that one of the funny reflections was off-colored. Stan, a young man of 19 years of age, decided to pull out his handy-dandy iPhone and snapped a photo of the off-colored funny-mirror reflection and noticed that the photo was not exhibiting the off-color pattern despite his confidence that he was indeed seeing the off-color in the mirror reflection in that funny mirror-house at the New Jersey carnival.

Stan had already been admitted into the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College for his stellar academic and extra-curricular laurels and was set to start college but decided to take one year off before starting his Dartmouth experience. Stan had spent this past year reading and writing in his journal mostly and when he noticed the off-color pattern reflection in the mirror-house at the New Jersey carnival, he was sure what he was noticing was some ominous sign of a derailed destiny or fate. Why else would he be witness to some off and odd electromagnetic occurrence in an otherwise more or less normal carnival funny mirror-house? Was Stan destined for some strange metaphysical experience at Dartmouth?

When Stan got to Dartmouth, he placed some Halloween decorations in his private dorm room and decided to keep a copy of the Bible in his desk drawer. Stan knew this freshman year at Dartmouth would be unusual and interesting and kept in the back of his mind the strange off-color perception memory from the New Jersey carnival mirror-house. He wrote in his new journal, "I have the funniest premonition that seeing an off-color pattern in a mirror-house mirror reflection suggests my metaphysical experience will include some strange or even deviant adventure regarding the presence of some kind of electromagnetic spectrum or color anomaly at Dartmouth, which is why I've decided to start blogging on the Internet with an identity-altered alias called 'Dark-Man' --- a testament to my intellectual curiosity about deformed human figures!"


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