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Could be Sculpt...really can't picture Kubrick making anything traditional.

DEADLY EMBRACE (1989). Follows the usual plot line of "Erotic Noir" where the hot lonely wife seduces a younger handyman. Not really good in a traditional sense, but better than I thought it would be as the Wife (GORGEOUS Ty Randolph, also seen in 1984 BODY DOUBLE's final scene) is simply starved for affection and her last line I found quite moving. Jan -Michael Vincent is quite the tool in here, but he still looks great, although I heard that he had just finished a rehab stint before this. As for the Young guy, he is extremely bland. This looks better than the regular Dave Decouteau film, although the endless nude footage of Linnea Quigley (normally when Chris is thinking of her) and Michelle Bauer (as the "Female Spirit of Sex"...maybe Dave was getting his Russ Meyer groove on) is really just filler to pad out the running time, but don't think most guys would complain about that. **1/2
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