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Classic Stones Live-6/25/21 Flying Monkey Plymouth NH

First concert in almost a year and a half and most enjoyable evening. CSL are a Tribute band with "Mick" and "Keith" looking remarkably like the genuine article. Joined by six other players and certainly had the sound down , playing a little over two hours. Realized how long it's been when they took an intermission and I first thought that was the show

Some people have busted my chops for seeing a Tribute band, especially if the "Real" article is out there. Can't see having to spend a fortune on tickets, traveling to Boston/spending the night and knowing they will not sound like they did. Plus many of the Tributes sound just fine

A Co-Worker got Eagles tickets for $700 each which I think is outrageous...At this point, there is a limit and $100 each is really it
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