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Originally posted by The Devils Eyes
to suggest that slipknot stole the masks idea from mushroomhead is absurd in every way.

slipknot actualy started in 95.. mushroomhead in 93 or so.. neither band made it into the mainstream till about 98-99 ... Logic Tells me that neither band knew who the other one was till around this time. which is what they both will tell you.

just because you may have heard of mushroomhead before 98-99 doesnt mean slipknot did. think outside your tiny box for a second.

the whole VS thing between them is stupid and old anyway

my first post here.. isnt it fucking great?

i still like mushroomhead better but i think both would do better with out there mask on all it does is draw attention away from the music which is not a good idea if you want ppl to listen to what you have to sayin a song or shit like that
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