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Originally Posted by Jigsaw Killer View Post
Think I mentioned Jurassic Park before. Not sure if the series counts as Horror although in a way I consider it Horror-y. The upcoming Fallen Kingdom definitely seems to be emphasizing the Horror/monster film aspects much more. In any event, the original is very easily the best.
Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
I consider it to be horror even if it technically isn't. Seeing dinosaurs eat people is pretty freaky.
I've always considered the first Jurassic Park to be a horror movie. If you watch that film there is no doubt what scenes the film is building up to, which the horror of the dinosaurs chasing people around. It's not really much different than your Empire of the Ants, or Kingdom of the Spiders, Piranha or even King Kong type films... a horror adventure sci-fi...

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