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The original novel by Michael Crichton is without a doubt Horror. Spielberg gave the first film a sort of beautiful, majestic quality which evened out the Horror aspects, but the latter comes in full force during the dinosaur attack scenes. The T-Rex escape and tour car attack and later chasing the jeep, the Dilophosaurus, the Raptors in the maintenence shed and kitchen, etc. all frightening setpieces. Some may argue it isn't Horror but I always considered it a Horror film in the same vein as movies like Jaws. A Sci-Fi/Natural Horror/Adventure hybrid, which it blends all three of very well.

I just started re-reading the original novel and it's incredible how much more graphically violent it is compared with the film. It opens with a pack of Compies eating a baby. Had the movie been more like the novel there's no doubt it'd be an instant NC-17.

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